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This feature helps you save on electricity.

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From the time this HD product hit the market there have already been updates to both the firmware and mobile application.

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They also automatically dispatch the police to your home though it’s important to note that it could be up to 30 minutes to an hour before they get there.

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4 Key Developments14.

residential security system

We had some trouble setting up this camera, largely because it felt less stable than other cameras we tested. After setup, it was relatively easy to use due to an intuitive mobile app, though it doesn't let you schedule when to record video. Belkin uses the cloud to store video recordings from the NetCam, as long as you pay a subscription fee of $5. 99 each month – very competitive with other cloud storage plans. The camera also works with Belkin's WeMo smart home devices as well as voice control services such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home. The Belkin NetCam HD+ has a two year warranty, the longest in our comparison.

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